Language Courses

We offer languages courses online in German and English.

Our courses cover all age groups, for business, examinations, and general needs, such as tourism and social situations. We give lessons to individuals, and where possible we form groups, if the levels and needs are the same.

Course Types

  • Conversation
  • This course is designed for students who already have a good passive knowledge of basic grammar and vocabulary, and focuses on activating it to improve students’ speaking fluency and confidence.

  • Business
  • This course is for the intermediate or higher levels, and aims to develop specific skills for business situations. These include negotiations, presentations, networking at business events, and case studies in marketing, meetings, and business planning.

  • Grammar
  • Although grammar is part of all courses, this course is designed to revise and deepen students’ knowledge of the fundamentals of English by focusing on particular problem areas.

  • Exam preparation
  • We love exams! Nothing motivates as well, and provides students with a qualification and sense of achievement, while learning and practising English to an advanced level. See EXAMINATIONS IN ENGLISH

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